K-ART Maifan Stone

Maifan stone is a mineral which is non-toxic and harmless to humans.
K-ART’s elegantly designed Maifan Stone Ceramic Cookware made from naturally occurring Maifan stones is durable with super heat resistance.
It is suitable for stewing and double boiling along with other cooking methods.
It is unlike conventional metallic cookware where certain metals could leach into the food during cooking which will affect the taste and nutrition of the dish.


  • K-ART Maifan Stone Ceramic Pot is made of several natural elements with ceramic comprising the inner surface and Maifan stone on the exterior.
  • K-ART Maifan Stone Ceramic Pot is nature’s healthy cookware. This multi-functional cookware is able to retain the original flavor of the food.
  • Nutrients would not be lost when cooking with a Maifan Stone Ceramic Pot. The trace elements required by our body also gets replenished.
  • Heat transfer is fast with slow dissipation, making it a quality energy-saving product.
  • Due to the pot’s heat retaining property, heat continues to circulate within the pot after the heat has been turned off.
  • This quality non-stick pot is easy to clean.
  • This pot can be used directly on induction cookers, heating plates, and stoves.
  • Food can also be served in this elegant, Japanese-designed Maifan Stone Ceramic Pot, making it the ideal utensil for any home.


  • Before using the pot for the first time, smear edible oil inside and cook over low heat for awhile. This helps to prolong the lifespan of the pot.
  • Avoid scratching the surface with a metal spatula or sharp objects.
  • Wipe dry pot’s base before using on induction cooker to prevent short circuit.
  • Do not pour cold water to cool the pot after use. Leave pot to cool before cleaning.
  • Reduce the heat accordingly to the induction cooker when cooking viscid food like glutinous rice cakes, congees, eggs, etc. Also, stir often to prevent food from adhering to the pot.
  • Avoid prolonged (or overnight) immersion of the pot’s metallic layer in water.
  • Avoid cooking over high heat and do not heat on an empty cookware.
  • Avoid cleaning with steel scrubber and gourd sponge.


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