K-ART Titanium

The wok’s surface is firstly blasted with an abrasive to roughen it so that other elements in the Excalibur system can adhere to it better.

This is the most important step where white-hot particles of a special alloy are sprayed onto the roughened surface.

The particles are welded to the surface as they cool and harden, forming a series of “peaks” and “valleys” that provide a permanent base for the next application of non-stick coatings.

Several coats of the tough fluoropolymers fill the “valleys” and cover the “peaks”, locked permanently into the place by the “peaks”.

Whitford’s unique coating system

Whitford’s Excalibur coating is considered to be the world’s toughest and most durable non-stick coating. This coating system is made by arc-spraying a proprietary stainless-steel alloy onto the article, becoming a part of it after cooling down and hardening. This resulting matrix of “peaks” and “valleys” is then impregnated with premium non-stick coatings, forming a durable non-stick coating system.


  • It is biocompatible, containing no harmful chemicals
  • It is lightweight relative to other metals
  • Cooking is possible with minimal oil
  • Built to last and not easily damaged
  • Transfers heat fast with uniform heating
  • Easy to clean


  • Before first use, wash and dry the wok. Spread a thin even layer of cooking oil on it
  • Do not use metal ladles
  • Heating an empty wok is not recommended
  • Cool wok before washing
  • Cleaning with steel scrubbers or gourd sponges will damage the surface
  • Not high heat cooking


Titanium Wok Pan (Gas Use) Wok Pan